Terms of Service

Cross Marketing Technology Ltd. (here in after referred as "A") The member (here in after referred as "B") when using the domain service (here in after referred as "this service") operated by A. We have established the following terms of service (here in after referred as "these terms") for everyone.

Article 1, Definition

  • [Terms]… CMT Registrar Terms of Use
  • [A]…Cross Marketing Technology Ltd.
  • [B]…CMT Registrar User (who has CMT Registrar ID)
  • [Parties]… This service uses B as an agent
  • [This service]… CMT Registrar; domain agency service
  • [Enrollment]… Registration to be a CMT Registrar member and acquisition CMT Registrar ID
  • [Contract]… Domain name acquisition, domain Registrar transferring, general domain transfer for JP designated business.
  • [Contract application] … Application for domain name, transfer of domain Registrar, change of general-purpose JP designated business and transfer application.
  • [Contract start] … Domain acquisition completed, domain registrar transfer completed, general-purpose JP designated operator change and transfer completed
  • [Contract end] … Contract end when the domains expired.
  • [Resignation] ... Terminate this service upon deleting Pure domain ID

Article 2, Application and agreement

In order to [B] using this service provided by us [A] via the Internet, we [A] will establish this agreement. In addition, you [B] are deemed to agree to this agreement in new enrollment, new contract, and so on. If you [B] do not agree to these terms, you [B] will not be able to use this service.

Article 3, Applying and changing this contract

We [A] will announce you [B] from time to time, online or by other means, shall form part of these Terms.

We [A] may change, add or delete these Terms at any time without notifying you [B] in advance. ]B] shall consent to this in advance.

Article 4, Additional services

We [A] may provide additional services to you [B] but the details and terms of use of these additional services shall be in separate. The provisions of this agreement shall apply mutatis mutandis to matters concerning additional services that are not stipulated in the terms of additional services.

Article 5, Application for use and establishment of contract

After accepting this agreement, you [B] shall join this service and apply for a new contract based on our procedure.

a. When we accept your membership and application, we will notify you by e-mail.

b. After you apply for the contract, the contract shall be ended when the acquisition of the domain is completed, the Registrar transfer of the domain is completed, the general-purpose JP designated business operator changed and the transfer is completed.

c. Upon we [A] confirm payment, you [B] shall be notified by e-mail, and you [B] shall log in to the control panel and start contract procedure by yourself [B].

d. If you [B] are a minor, you [B] will need the consent from parents or guardians.

If you would like use another company to manage domains with this service, you also have to accept this agreement as well, to join this service based on the procedure specified by us, including applying for registrar transfer and general-purpose JP. The domain designated business operator shall be changed and transferred.

a. When we accept your membership, Registrar transfer application, general-purpose JP domain designated business changing or transferring, we will notify you by e-mail.

b. The contract shall be ended when received approval of the transfer / transfer / change Registrar and the designated business operator and both A and A upper registrar is completed.

c. Upon confirmation of the completion of the Registrar transfer application, changing of general-purpose JP domain designated business operator and transfer, we shall notify you by e-mail. You shall log in to the Control Panel for completing payment process.

As on above paragraph, if it is found that your [B] registration information of is inaccurate or false or there is a risk of them, or if there is no reply by the deadline by us [A] and the affiliated Registrar, etc. And if the affiliated Registrar cannot confirm that your registration information is accurate, we will stop providing this service to you, or cancel your contract or membership, or otherwise determine that we need it. You shall be able to take measures to do so.

Article 6, Cancellation of membership

After joining this service, if it is found that you [B] fall under any of the following, we [A] will notify you [B] and if there is no any correction made within 5 days, we [A] will cancel your membership. If we [A] and a third party have any damages from that, you [B] shall compensate us and the third party. a. When it is found that the qualification has been revoked or dismissed from the second party due to a violation of the rules in the past.

b. When a false declaration is discovered against us [A]

c. Illegal use of ID and password

d. When we judge that you are using this service may interfere with operation of our service and system.

e. When a third party is harassed through the service provided by us and a large number of protests are sent to us by the third party.

f. If you violate any provision of this Agreement

g. Others when we judge that you are using this service is disadvantageous to other users besides us this is based on our own judgment criteria.

Article 7, Contract cancellation by us [A]


Regardless of whether the contract has started or after applying the contract, if we[A] find that you[B] fall or may fall under any of the following items, we will notify you without any other procedure, you might be immediately suspended in part or all of this service or be canceled the contract or membership or take other measures that we deem necessary.

a. If we can confirm any behavior that violates the higher registrar, registry and ICANN rules.

b. When payment of the usage fee is not confirmed by the date specified by A

c. If you do not follow the application procedure and contract procedure for this service as specified by us.

d. When regulated by the upper registrar and registry

e. When a third party makes a complaint, objection or prosecution to A regarding the usage of this service by B.


We shall not be liable for any damages or any other liability for the consequences and damages caused to you or a third party due to the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 8, Contract period

The usage period can be set in the range of 1 to 10 years. However, domains’ minimum and maximum years of use shall comply with the specified years of use which been set by the upper registrar and registry.

Article 9, Continue of using

If you would like to continue using this contract, please visit the members-only page at least 10 days before expiration date of the contract.

The renewal procedure in the preceding paragraph shall be completed when you pay fee of the renewed domain and we confirm the payment.

Even after expiration date of the contract period has passed, based on the rules of the upper registrar and the registry, you can restore the registration of the domain on the member-only page or by doing the method specified by us within the period specified by us.

When you apply for renewal of the contract by restoration procedure, you shall pay the fee for the restoration procedure separately in accordance by our instructions.

However, we agree in advance that even if you apply for restoration procedures, you may not be able to renew the contract for the domain due to reasons such as the expiration of the domain registration restoration period.

In addition, we may revise the fee without prior notice. Moreover, the fee after the revision shall be applied from the renewal procedure after the revision.


In case if we cannot confirm your payment after renewing the contract and the renewal procedure is not completed, we will assume that you do not intend to continue using it and will not renew this contract.

The renewal procedure deadline will be sent to [B] and the registrant of the domain (the person who has the authority to own the domain) the renewal procedure deadline, the details about date, contract period expiration date, renewal procedure and restoration procedure shall be notified by e-mail before and after the expiration date.

Article 10, Information Changed Notification

If you want to change any registered information, you have to immediately make the change on the members-only page. In principle, you cannot request us to change the contents by e-mail or inquiry form.

Article 11 Contract and Using Suspension

In the following cases, we will immediately stop providing this service and will suspend your membership or dismiss you from your membership. In addition, if you cause damage to us due to a violation of the rules, we will be able to claim damages against you.

a. When you [B] makes a false declaration to us [A]

b. When you commit an act that violates the contract

c. If you do not pay the fee as mentioned in Articles 16 and 17 of this agreement

d. Others, when we judge that the use of this service is inappropriate

Moreover, we shall not be liable for any damages caused to you due to the suspension of the service for the above reasons.

Article 12, Cancellation by you [B]

If you want to cancel this service, you shall notify us from the members-only page.

Due to the nature of the service, cancellation before the expiration date of the contract period is not possible.

Due to the nature of the service, no refunds will be made for all paid fees, and you have to acknowledge this.

Article 13, Resigned by B

If you want to stop using this service, you shall notify us from the members-only page or inquiry page us.

You can resign from this membership if there is no valid contract as of the resigned date. If there is a valid contract, the resign procedure shall be carried out when all contracts are terminated.

Article 14, Notification from us [A]

If we determine that it is necessary to notify, we will notify you any time by e-mail or posting on our information page, etc., by a method that we deem appropriate.

In case of notify by e-mail on above paragraph, we will notify to the e-mail address specified by you [B].

When we make notice, etc. on above paragraph on homepage of this service, we will consider that this notification, etc. has sent to you [B].In addition, when sending a notification by e-mail, it is considered that the notification has arrived to the second party[B].

Article 15, Scope of this service

First Party[A]may set or change the limitation of the scope of this service to Second Party[B].

Article 16 Usage fee

For the usage fee, we will list the fee in separated price list.

First Party [A] shall be able to change charges/fee without permitted from Second Party [B].

If there is any changes of usage fee, we will notify you immediately.

All paid fees cannot be refunded for any reason.

Article 17, Payment

After receiving contract application from you [B], we [A] will announce payment due date and payment method in member-only page or e-mail.

Transfer fees and other fees paid to financial institutions will be borne by you [B].

Even if you select any of the payment methods we provided, if there is any problem with the payment, you will immediately notify us by using the inquiry form.

If you make payment with other methods that we do not provided and if you cannot confirm the payment. We will not be responsible for any damages incurred by you or any other third party.

Article 18, Price revision

We may revise any charges without your consent and you have to agree. In addition, the revised fee structure shall be applied when the contract is renewed.

Article 19, Domain Transferring

If user want to transfer domains to the company, after enter the code (Auth Code), you will apply the transfer to us.

If the Company approves the application in preceding paragraph, the Company shall indicate that fact in the control panel and at the time of such display, the transfer contract for the domain concerned shall be concluded.

After the domain transfer agreement is concluded, the Company shall change name of the domain to the Company (hereinafter referred to as "name change") in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Company and the registration information of the domain shall be sent to the Company. When the domain is changed and displayed in the "List of Domains for Receiving Payment" in the control panel, the delivery of the domain will be completed and all rights related to the domain will be transferred to the Company.

Article 20, Cancellation of transferred contract

Even after the transfer procedure based on the preceding article is completed, B may cancel the transfer contract if a defect is found in the domain to be transferred within 6 months from the completion of the transfer procedure. The cancellation shall not prevent the Company from claiming damages against the user.

Article 21, Prohibition of transferring and etc.

The user shall nicely manage the domain during the period from finished transferring to the completion of the delivery of the domain to be transferred, and transfer or lend the domain to a third party. However, it shall not be used as collateral.

Article 22, Payment of transferring

We shall not be involved in delivery of the domain or the exchange conditions for it, the payment of the transferring and etc. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damages caused to you.

Article 23, Guarantee by user

The user has to guarantees to the Company that the domain subject to assessment and the domain subject to transfer do not infringe the trade name, service name, copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property rights of a third party.

Article 24, Cancellation

After the transfer contract based on Article 19 is concluded, the user shall not be able to cancel the contract for any reason except when the Company cancels the contract.

Article 25, Any changes, suspensions and cancellations of the contents of this service

We may change the contents of this service, or suspend or discontinue this service without prior notice. This change, suspension, cancellation and etc. shall be announced through any platforms that we deem reasonable.

Article 26, Temporary interrupted providing this service

In the following cases, we may temporarily suspend this service without notifying you in advance. In addition, even if the provision of this service is delayed or interrupted due to the following reasons, we will not be liable for any damages incurred by you or other third parties due to this.

When performing regular or urgent maintenance, inspection, repair or any changes of the system (including communication land lines, power supplies, etc.) in our company, upper registrar, and registry.

When this service cannot be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.

[3] When this service cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, eruptions, floods, and tsunamis.

When this service cannot be provided due to unexpected circumstances such as war, riot, mayhem, labor dispute, etc.

When regulations by law, judicial orders, etc.

When it is judged that the service needs to be temporarily interrupted due to other operational and technical reasons.

Article 27, Terminate this service

First Party may terminate all or some parts of this service which provided to Second Party due to higher Registrar or business circumstances.

If we terminate this service, we will notify you one month in advance by any methods that we deem appropriate.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to you due to the terminate this service.

Article 28, Equipment and etc.

You shall prepare for operation, connection and etc. all the communication equipment, software, communication lines, etc. necessary for using this service at your own risk and your expense.

Article 29, IDs and passwords

You shall responsible for manage and use of your own ID and password registered based on this agreement, and if a third party illegally uses your ID and password, you will responsible for everything.

If we find or determine your act contrary to the preceding paragraph, we may suspend your ID and password without prior notice. In case of urgent need, we may delete your ID and password without your consent. In that case, we shall not be liable for any damages caused by you.

Article 30, Your [B] Duties and Responsibilities

You [B] shall understand this Agreement, endeavor to fulfill it and strictly adhere to it.

You are obligated to manage the domain by yourself when you make a domain contract.

If you receive an objection, complaint or request from a third party regarding your use of this service, you agree that you will be liable for all costs, including attorney's fees.

If you have not set up name server for the domain managed by this service, or if the contract period of the domain with this service has expired, we will be in that domain. You consent to the display of the specified web page.

Article 31, About domain argument

When you apply for this service, you have to agree to read and agree to the "Terms of Domain Argument". If you object to the use of this Services by a third party, but you have agreed to comply with the ICANN Uniform Domain Conflict Policy (UDRP) at that time. Second Party [B] shall indemnify First Party and the Upper Registrar, and agree that First Party and the Upper Registrar shall be exempted from liability.

In the case of an argument with a domain to which Whois Information Proxy is applied, we will notify you that we will suspend you Whois Information Proxy and you will promptly agree to change your Whois Information.

■ Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Original
>> https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/policy-2012-02-25-en

Article 32, About agents

First Party [A] shall allow Second Party [B] to register and resell the contract on this service, regardless of whether it is for profit or non-profit. Regarding proxy registration and resale, we consider that there is a transaction between you and the parties, and you take all responsibility for the contract, and we do not take any responsibility for troubles between you and the parties.

The First Party [A] shall only support to Second Party [B] and shall not support directly to other parties. However, if the parties object to your contract, we will notify you of the confirmation regarding the contract and registration information, and if you cannot confirm the execution of your contract, we acknowledge the need for support at our discretion. If so, this shall not apply.

All of these Terms apply to contracts that are registered on your behalf or resold.

Article 33, For Whois information proxy disclosure, confirmation is required

At the time of domain registration by the registrar and registry above the members-only page, you may publish our information on your behalf free of charge. If you cancel or reapply Whois information proxy disclosure of the domain, you will make the change yourself on the members-only page.

While disclosing information through Whois Information Proxy Disclosure, we acknowledge the following matters.

Even if Whois Information Proxy is open to the public, the owner of the domain name is you, and you are responsible for managing the domain name.

The registrar cannot be transferred while the Whois information proxy is open to the public.

We will not forward the telephone, fax, mail, email, etc. during the Whois information proxy disclosure. However, this does not apply if you need to contact us urgently, such as when a domain dispute occurs.

During the Whois information proxy disclosure, if we determine that any of the following items or there is a risk of it, we may change the proxy disclosure conditions or cancel the proxy disclosure.

When a third party makes an objection or dispute against the use of a domain name based on Whois information.

b. When illegal or inappropriate information such as junk mail is sent by using the domain name.

c. When a fraudulent website is opened using a domain name.

d. When other inappropriate Whois information proxy disclosure is used.

If ICANN, the Registry and higher registrars review, ban or abolish Whois proxy publishing, we may change the proxy publishing conditions or discontinue proxy publishing.

Article 34, Responsibility for domain acquisition agency

We will maintain and operate the equipment for this service so that this service will be provided smoothly. However, you may understand that this service may not be available due to unforeseen circumstances.

Article 35, Our obligations and responsibilities

We accept your online request and perform domain name registration, management and renewal in an automated system or manually at your higher registrar and registry.

First Party [A] will support Second Party [B] by online. However, online support may use a support agency.

Article 36, Personal information protection and legal compliance

As a general rule, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to anyone and we will not use it unless it is necessary for this service. The personal information of Second Party [B] acquired by First Party [A] will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy.

In the case of a compulsory disposition based on Article 218 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (search by warrant) or other provisions of the same law, we shall not be liable for the confidentiality obligation set in the preceding paragraph within the scope of the relevant law and warrant.

When we receive an inquiry from a police officer, a public prosecutor, a public prosecutor's office, a national tax official, a drug control officer, a bar association, a court or any other person who has legal inquiry authority, we consider it to be an emergency evacuation or self-defense. When making a decision, we can respond to inquiries about personal information, etc. to the extent deemed necessary by law.

Article 37, Copyright, intellectual property rights

We do not investigate whether your contract touches copyrighted works, trademark rights, design rights or other intellectual property rights owned by a third party. It shall not be involved at all.

If a problem occurs in violation of the preceding paragraph, Second Party [B] shall resolve the problem at its own expense and responsibility and shall not cause any damage to First Party [A].